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Your tennis club could be fostering the next Nadal or Federer, so to bring out the best in your players now, reward them with top-seed Tennis Trophies from Direct Trophies. Our full range of tennis trophies and awards are available to purchase online and are perfect for schools, sporting clubs & organisations.

We offer a wide variety of tennis trophies to suit all ages, and are available in classic sportsperson statuettes, to modern acrylic and crystal tennis trophies, some even available with tennis ball inlays. Direct Trophies gladly offer free engraving with our tennis trophies and awards when purchased online*.

Browse our range below, or call Direct Trophies on 07 3265 1833 for any enquiries today! 

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Vibe Tennis
Vibe series of trophies present fresh and affordable trophy alternatives ideal for kids and juniors...
Tennis Vector
Vector Series of trophies offer an excellent range of sizes, in brilliant gold, with space for your ..
Tennis Tri Star
Popular Tennis trophies in 3 sizes and finished in classic antique silver and gold. A star inspired ..
Tennis The Ball
Tennis trophies offer a unique, abstract design based on the central element of the sport - the Ball..
Tennis SuperStar
The Tennis trophy SuperStar series is available in 3 convenient sizes and is perfect for your star p..
Tennis Shield
Classic wreath and shield inspired design, the Tennis Trophy Gold Shield is an affordable and popula..
Tennis Shazam
Tennis trophies ideal for junior and player participation awards. The design showcases the Tennis ra..
Tennis Pro Shield
Pro-Shield series is available in 3 convenient sizes and a generic shield inspired design perfect fo..
Tennis Mini Star
Affordable and popular Mini Star Tennis trophy for kids and participants both male and female. An at..
Tennis Marble
Reliable and affordable trophy choice, the Marble Trophy series features classic European marble and..
Tennis Lynx
This Antique Gold Lynx Trophy is the perfect award for your Tennis events & activities. Featuring a ..
Tennis Green Timber
Series of timber column style trophies offer multiple options for your sport or activity. Timber ava..
Tennis Green Magic
The Green Magic series offers an innovative design and provides substantial sizes for your more pres..
Tennis Gold Harp FF
Gold Harp series of trophies present substantial awards for your event or activity. With FastFix app..
Tennis Flame
Flame trophy series is a popular and reliable choice featuring a dynamic design that celebrates your..
Tennis FastFix
Budget series of trophies ideal for participation style orders. Available in 3 convenient sizes, tro..