Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we do have a showroom. It is located Unit 4/6 Virgina Street, Geebung, QLD 4034

Is your website secure?

Yes. Your credit card details are processed securely via 128 bit SSL encryption. We use ANZ eGate, a respected Australian credit card processing company to charge your card. Direct Trophies does not store your credit card information.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes. Alternatively contact us by other means

How accurate are your stock levels?

Our stock levels are 95% correct, so you can be sure that your order will go through. However on the off chance that the product you ordered is not in stock we will contact you immediately to let you know. Please be gentle with us.

Is there any extra cost if we decide to change or cancel our online order?

Yes, if you have already received an order confirmation, any changes or cancellations made afterwards will require 30% re-stocking.

If we decide to change our online order, will this affect delivery times?

Yes, this will affect your order delivery dates and may require a faster shipping option to makeup for the lost time due to the order change. Additional charges may incur.

Is my personal information safe?

Your personal details are very safe with us. We promise to never sell or share your information with anyone else. You are our customers and we want to keep you all to ourselves. It's also unethical to give away your personal details, so we would never do that. Here's our full privacy policy

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer & Cash.

Price & Discounts


Do you provide discount for bulk orders?

Yes, we can provide most of the items in bulk quantities. Please contact us for more information if required.

How much discount do you receive for large order quantities?

This is based on the quantity of items and the type of product. All items have a discount structure on the product page which provides a breakdown of how much discount is applied. Generally items of the same type bought together have discounts applied automatically on the product page when the quantity box is updated. See example below;

A $0.95

  • 5 or more $0.87 (Save 8% ($0.38))
  • 12 or more $0.80 (Save 16% ($1.82))
  • 25 or more $0.72 (Save 24% ($5.70))
  • 50 or more $0.67 (Save 29% ($13.77))
  • 100 or more $0.62 (Save 35% ($33.25))
  • 250 or more $0.57 (Save 40% ($94.99))


Do you price match other retailers?

Yes, we certainly do price match other retailers. The easiest way to help us price match for you is to use our online form. Just click the "Price match" option, which is just below the "Add To Cart" button on every product page. Please be mindful of the following below:
  • Products have to be same
  • Proof of competitor's price is needed
  • Our competitor must have the product currently in stock
  • Our competitor's price must be better than ours inclusive of shipping. And shipping must be comparable to Direct Trophies & Awards standard 5-day shipping. For example, we can't approve a price match if you compare the cost of our standard 5-day shipping to, for example, a competitor's cost for 2-week shipping.
We'll always try our best to offer price matching. However, if a claim takes the product below our cost price, we can give you the cheapest possible price without going below our cost price.

Do you price beat other retailers?

Yes, we do price beat. If you receive a valid recent quotation in written from our competitor, we will happily price beat by 10%. This applies to the total amount including freight.

How do I get the coupon promotion discount if it is not entered on checkout and the order is processed without the coupon?

We can still provide the discount as a store credit as long as it is claimed before the order is completed and sent out or collected.



Do you provide artwork proof for my order?

Yes, full artwork proofs are emailed within 1-2 business days once your order is place on our system.

Can I make unlimited changes to be made to the artwork proof for my order?

No, 3 initial changes are free of charge. Any more changes required will incur a artwork fee of $20 +GST.

Can engraving details be sent at later stage after the order is placed on the website?

No, we require engraving details when the order is placed. This will enable us to work on artwork proof straight away. This is also to make sure you have the order delivered on time as per the dates suggested on the order. Addtional fee may apply for engraving after order is completed.

Will my order be delayed if i do not send my engraving details with my order?

Yes, it will be delayed if engraving details are not submitted with order. The overall turnaround time would be shorter to be worked on. We suggest placing an ordering when the engraving details are finalized.

What if i do not approve the artwork proof in time for my delivery?

We will produce your order as per the artwork proof emailed to you. This is to ensure we deliver your order as per the time-frame given in the order confirmation.

Which types of artwork files can I upload on your product page?

We accept the following file formats to be uploaded on our "artwork file" option on our product pages;

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .eps (Encapsulated Postscript)
  • .cdr (CorelDraw Document)
  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)
  • .jpg .jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • .png (Portable Network Graphic)
  • .gif (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • .doc .docx (Microsoft Word Document)
  • .xls .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)
Minimum of 50kb file size is required for laser engraving.



How much engraving can done on my awards/trophies?

This depends on a variety of factors. Generally for medals & sports trophies, 3 lines of text. For corporate awards, it is based on maximum readable area. If you have queries about how much can be engraved, please contact us

How much is the cost of engraving?

Laser Engraving is complimentary and included in most of our products, unless products indicate otherwise.

Can I bring trophies back and get free engraving after I have completed my order?

No, it is only valid while we process your order. Once completed, if you wish to get them engraved at a later stage, an additional fee will be payable.

Do you still do diamond tip engraving (traditional style)?

Yes, we still provide this service. Most of the perpetual updates & plaques still use this method.

Do you provide hand engraving services?

Yes, we do provide hand engraving services. Unfortunately this service is limited to in-house engraving. We currently do not provide on-call (mobile) hand engraving facilities.

What types of machines do you use for engraving?

We have the state of the art Trotec Laser systems. Our team consist of the Trotec Speedy 300 Flexx which does Co2 & Fibre engraving (metal marking). The other is a Trotec Speedy 400 for more robust and larger items. This machines ensure our quality of laser engraving is nothing but the best!

Do you providing colour printing services for trophies & awards?

Yes, we do provide colour printing service.

Which products can be colour printed?

Products which can be colour printed are have options under the product pages under "available options"

How much is colour printing?

Colour printing is an additonal cost. This cost is shown on the product pages under the "available options" for each product. If a product does not show this option, it cannot be colour printed due to shape and size restrictions.

What method of colour printing do you use?

We used the latest UV printing technologies. UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of a material (called a "substrate"), specially designed UV lights follow close behind, curing - or drying - the ink instantly. Originally developed for quickly drying gel nail polishes during manicures, ultraviolet light applications quickly expanded into industrial and commercial markets. Because the UV lights cure any printed ink immediately, the dots of wet ink do not get a chance to spread out once printed, resulting in much finer detail. In addition, UV cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased resistance to fading. This curing process is more environmentally friendly as it produces few VOC’s, odor, and heat. UV curing also allows the flatbed printer to be used with nontraditional materials like acrylic or aluminum.


Shipping & Collection


How much is shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated based on the quantity of items and your destination postcode. A shipping estimate is available on all product pages located below the "add to cart" button.

When do you ship my order?

Your order is shipped within the time frame outlined in the shipping estimate calculator. The dates shown on the checkout are estimates only. If you require the order urgently please select faster delivery options or contact us to confirm delivery dates.

Do your provide faster shipping option?

Yes, we do have Express which ships in 4 business days and Super Express ships in 3 business days. Additional Fee is applied on top of express cost of freight.

How do I track my order?

Tracking information is emailed with your invoice when the order is completed. Tracking details can be checked once consignments are lodged with our shipping partners.

Do you ship outside of Australia?

We currently are not setup for this yet, but do contact us with your query and we might be able to assist you.

When can i collect my order?

Your order is available to collect as outlined in the order collection estimate calculator. The dates shown on the checkout are estimates only. If you require the order urgently contact us to confirm collection dates. Delay to orders can happen due to unforeseen circumstances which are out of our control.